150 Years, 150 Books Challenge

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Come into the library to sign up a team for the challenge, get your team booklets and your 6-month free library cards.
To celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada we are holding the 150 Years, 150 Books Challenge. Gather a team or compete individually and try to read all 150 books on our list before the end of the summer (August 25th, 2017). This challenge is open to anyone in the community no matter how young or how old. All the books are written by Canadian authors. Get your summer read on and enjoy a slice of Canada this summer!

Each team is entered into prize draws at 50 books, 100 books and 150 books.
Small prizes for each team member are given out for 5 books, 10 books, 15 books, 25 books, 50 books, 75 books, 100 books, and 150 books.

The list of 150 books is included below as a downloadable file.

Signing up for the challenge gets you a free 6-month library membership! 
Rules, Regulations and Questions
Books must be read in their entirety* to be considered read.
The maximum number of team members?           
10 team members

The minimum number of team members?            
2, though if you would like or can’t find other team members you can complete as an individual.

Who can be on your team?                          
Anyone regardless of age or reading ability can be on a team. Diverse interests and ages are encouraged!

Can I use audiobooks?                               
Yes, you can use audiobooks though we do recommend at least reading a couple in the physical or e-book format as some books are better read than listened to.

If I’ve read a book on the list before can I count it a read?                                   
Only if you have read the book between May 1st, 2017 and when you registered, anything before that we encourage you to read again.

What if the book is not available at the High River Library?
We can place a hold on the book and have it shipped here from one of the other libraries within the Marigold system.
*Some books such as cookbooks and hiking guides can be skimmed through and an activity from them completed to be counted as read. As well you do not have to read book club endnotes, editor's notes, bibliographies, or author's notes to count the book as read unless you really want to.
Reading Clubs
The Century Club
Team or Individual has read 100 books             
Includes photo on the wall, entry into 100 book prize draw and certificate that confirms membership to the club.

The Sesquicentennial Club
Team or Individual has read 150 books               
Includes photo on the wall, entry into 150 book prize draw and certificate that confirms membership to the club.

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