Come to the library with cash, cheque, or debit card and your address, phone number and e-mail (if available). A card will be issued and you may start borrowing immediately. Cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

  • Child/ Student - $3.00
  • Adult - $15.00
  • Family - $25.00
  • Non- Resident - $70.00 
  • Replacement Card Fee $1.00 except at time of card renewal
  • When the card expires, bring it to the library to update your information and pay your annual fee.

    What are the different types of library accounts?

  • Adult Account: This account is for one patron only. The registered patrons may check out items for their personal use only.
  • Family Account: Each family member registered is permitted to take out items for themselves or each other (e.g. parents may check out items for their children)
  • Child/Student Account: This is for children and youth ages 0-18.
  • Institutional Account: Registered members of a local institution (schools, daycares, businesses, etc.) are permitted to take out items for work related situations and client use. NOTE- all items are the responsibility of the signing authority. This type of account is not for personal use as the institution is accepting responsibility for all fines and fees incurred with the use of the account.
  • Non-resident Account: Any persons who do not live in an Alberta library-serviced area.
  • What identification do I need?

    Showing personal identification with your legal name and current address will expedite the process of applying for a library account (single or family).

    Examples of preferred identification include:

    • A valid driver’s license
    • Any piece of personal identification combined with proof of address (i.e. utility bill, phone bill or local tax assessment).

    Change of Personal Information
    It is important to keep your account information up to date. If you are moving, or if you have a change in other personal information such as e-mail, please advise the staff at the circulation counter.

    Lost or Stolen Card
    Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to protect yourself if someone else tries to use your card. Anything taken out on your card is your responsibility until the card is reported missing. There is a $1.00 charge to replace a lost card.

    Traveling Around the Province?
    ME Libraries
    ME Libraries is a free service that allows customers with an Alberta library card to borrow items from any other public library in Alberta. Interested customers complete a web form to access the service. Simply sign up for the libraries you're interested in using. All physical items are included in ME services, but access to online resources is restricted due to licensing. To sign up go to

    TAL Card
    The High River Library is a partner in the TAL (The Alberta Library) card initiative. This means that you can borrow books from university, college and special libraries (some restrictions apply) in addition to the public libraries covered by the ME program. For a list of participating libraries, or to search their collections, please visit

    TAL cardholder but not a member of TRAC?
    TAL card members from library systems not in the TRAC system (i.e. Calgary) can:

    • Borrow up to 10 items from the High River Library – any format
    • May not place holds or use the inter-library loan service
    • Renew renewable items once
    • Return items to any participating library

    Items from other libraries returned at High River Library are marked with a received date and mailed back to the lending library. The participating library then backdates the check-in date to this received date.

    TAL cardholder and a member of TRAC?
    The Regional Automation Consortium (TRAC) in Alberta includes all libraries in the following regional systems--Marigold, Yellowhead, Northern Lights, and Peace. Ask your library if you are unsure whether you are a TRAC - TAL cardholder. TRAC members with TAL cards can:

    • Borrow and return items from/to any of the partner libraries. Over 150 libraries at this time!
    • Place holds and use the inter-library loan service.
    • Have unlimited access to the collections in all the participating libraries