Summer Reading Programs

 This summer, the High River Library is hosting tons of cool events as part of The TD Summer Reading Program.

Our program this year runs from July 3 - August 24.
Check out the weekly themes below.

GEEK Week!
Come get your GEEK on with us as we explore everyone’s favourite passions, such as superheroes, robots, Minecraft, and Harry Potter!
July 3-6

Sea and Stars Week!
Explore the beauty of the ocean, and the mysteries of space through creativity and fun games!
July 9-13

Blast From the Past Week!
We are going back in time to visit the dinosaurs and pirates! Be sure to join us on this fun adventure!
July 16-20

Mystery Week!
You’re on the case! Break your way out of locked rooms, collect clues, and solve the mystery!
July 23-27

Mad Science Week!
Dabble in all fields of science this week as we perform cool science experiments, such as making homemade icecream!
July 30-August 3

Fantasy Week!
The limits to this week do not exist! Whether it’s knights, princesses, or Dungeons and Dragons, we’ll have it!
August 6-10

Wild Wild West Week!
This week we are visiting the wild west! Learn all about pioneers during our field trip to the Museum of the Highwood!
August 13-17

Great Outdoors Week!
To kick off the end of summer, we are spending this week exploring the beauty of the great outdoors!
August 20-24

Our Programs will be running in two day blocks: Monday / Tuesday, and Wednesday / Thursday. Sign up for which ever block suits you best! Or, if you're itching for tons of cool stuff to do all week long, sign up for both!

We have programming for 3 ages groups: ages 5-8, 9-11, and 12+.
5-8 runs from 10:30AM to 12:30PM for both our Mon/Tues & Wed/Thurs blocks.
9-11 runs from 2PM to 4PM for both Mon/Tues & Wed/Thurs blocks
12+ will combine with the 9-11 group on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2PM to 4PM

Registrations are now open!

To sign up, all you must do is contact either our summer reading coordinators, whose contact info can be found below. You can also contact the front desk at the High River Library. Feel free to shoot us any questions you have about this year's program.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Jake Bews
Summer Reading Program Coordinator

Shyanne Dougherty
Summer Reading Program Coordinator

Email either of us at