Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitors to Go

What does a CO2 Monitor do?

CO2 monitors can help you monitor air quality and determine how effective your ventilation systems are.

Better ventilation can:

  • increase alertness and cognitive functions
  • reduce the pollutants in your indoor air
  • and reduce the risk of airborne infections.

If you're looking for more information on CO2 levels, Peterborough Public Health has a good guide to monitoring indoor air quality.

Please note the Aranet4s are NOT carbon monoxide detectors and will NOT protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning. Find more information on carbon monoxide here.

How to Borrow a CO2 Monitor

You'll need:

  • a valid library card
  • the loan period is 1 week
  • monitor must be picked up and dropped off at High River Library
  • replacement cost $355

High River Library has three Aranet4 carbon dioxide monitors available. Each kit includes the monitor and an instruction booklet. Place a hold on a monitor here or search Gadgets to Go in our catalogue to see everything in this collection.

Even if you don't live in High River you can still borrow an Aranet4 carbon dioxide monitor from the High River Library by enrolling in Alberta-wide borrowing with ME Libraries and using your local library card.

How to Use the Aranet 4 

The manual is available here.

With thanks to:

PrescientX, the Community Access to Ventilation Information (CAVI) team, and Peterborough Public Health for their support, advice, and information.