Your account

By logging into your online library account you can:
  • put holds on items
  • renew items
  • view your overdues and holds
  • place vacation delays on on items
  • use the library eresources (Libby, Consumer Reports, Creativebug, etc.)
  • and more

Just click TRACpac Login at the top of the library's website. Enter your library card bar code (don't use any spaces) and your PIN (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number) to log in.

If you don't like to carry around your library card, you can use the TRACpac app or an an app like Stocard on your tablet or phone to store your bar code.
  • TRACpac in App Store for iOS devices
  • TRACpac in Play Store for Android devices
  • Stocard in App Store for iOS devices
  • Stocard in Google Play for Android devices